Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Introducing: The Summer Adventure Challenge!!!

Nathanael and I spend a pretty good amount of time together. Becca and Wilson are super busy and we’re left behind. Besides that, both of us cannot stand boredom. Its like our worst fear. So after much deliberation we came up with the:

We’ve been having so much fun with this. We made a list of 50 things to do over the summer and started about two weeks ago. The list has undergone some changes and probably will continue too as the summer goes along but this is our general “road map” of our summer

We also have a lot of vacationing planned so it’ll be fun to try and complete a few while in Dayton or Tampa or whatever. Should be super fun!

The first challenge to be completed was #22: Make up secret phrases
Nathanael and I have officially come up with our own slang. This helps when we don’t want Becca or Wilson discovering what we mean (which is more often then you might think) ;)
Here is our little dictionary:
“Trippy!” = Supper cool! Awesome! Etc.
“I’m hanging in the dust” = I am so cool. Or for you hipsters: Like a Boss!
“On the spikes” = To be in trouble (which is pretty often for Nathanael and I)

Fun huh? We've been taking pictures of all our adventures so you can follow along.  Hope you enjoy our little summer safari. ;)

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